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These coders lock themselves in basements, have no friends, and wear thick glasses. built nowadays, and that’s definitely not how coders behave!

I guess I could start by saying I (a queer poly submissive) am in a non-monogamous couple…but the problem is I sure as hell don’t feel like it right now. You’re not alone as for most people, building a website online is still a bit of a mystery.For most people (including us a few years ago), creating a website is something that only IT geeks are capable of doing.Because…you beautiful poly people, I totally love your fierce loyalty and utopian desire to see the good in everyone and make things work and communicate and set boundaries and find ways to joyfully connect in an imperfect mixed-up world…those of you in my small, self-selecting sample of poly Letter Writers* are TERRIBLE at breaking up with people when it’s not working because even more than most you need to find some logical, watertight reason.Otherwise, it’s “But he’s really a lovely person who means well, surely we can make this work out at some level, and I can get x and y needs met by somebody else if I need to.