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The bride, Jessica, was wearing a traditional Kikuyu garment and Dirk was in a dark brown traditional outfit with orange hues.She was also presented with a kiondo by elderly kikuyu women.Kyrie also wrote that folks should try a different story, obviously alluding to the reports that he banned black women from his yacht party.After that photo, Kyrie posted another thought-provoking photo to his Instagram account on Sunday, June 26. But, I’ve never heard it to my face.“Growing up in Germany, and basketball,” Nowitzki said. I played with the national team where half of my teammates were from Yugoslavia. You try to make it work and chemistry has got to be there. Her brothers both played soccer, they were professional.“She grew up around sports. We both love kids and family.”Olsson’s brothers, Marcus and Martin Olsson, play professionally for Derby County F. “Everybody that’s met my wife has said she’s great with me. I’m sure there’s some people that think of it to themselves.

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From Bossip: Earlier this month we reported that NBA baller Dirk Nowitzki married his Kenyan born longtime boo-thang Jessica Olsson.Later the couple together with the guests danced to tunes.Jessica is born of a Kenyan mother and a Swedish father who both live in Sweden.The Dallas Mavericks franchise’s leading scorer met his wife, Jessica Olsson, when the pair attended a charity event in 2010. Both Olsson and Nowitzki were introduced to new traditions and aspects of an unknown culture: Olsson has given birth to three children since they exchanged vows and Nowitzki believes that it’s important that they understand their heritage. Are they going to run into a cop one of these days? That’s something for sure that’s in the back of your mind, but eventually educate them the right way and keep teaching them how to respond.“You react to authority when somebody speaks to you, like teachers, parents or whoever.Nowitzki was infatuated from the start:“What made her so special? The family make regular trips to Kenya and Germany when possible.“We don’t want them to just grow up [in Dallas]. We want to show them different cultures, different languages so they can grow up, become educated and make educated decisions when they’re older on where they want to live, what they want to do.”As a full time citizen, Nowitzki shares the concerns of many about the obstacles that his children will meet, being mixed race in America. You have to educate them early enough so they know, this is a person, the higher authority, you need to show them some respect.”In a world in which needless divides are created based on skin color and vitriolic political campaigns are deemed appropriate, it’s refreshing to hear high-profile athletes such as Nowitzki discuss issues such as race in an eloquent and positive manner.