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She dutifully and descriptively completed this table, and even added thoughts beyond it. This part of the table has her reflections on the productions she did in the United Kingdom version of The table reflects how active she was in the virtual world, producing shows — not all of which were recorded, unfortunately — from 2003, a few years after the virtual world was launched, until January of 2008.

First entering in 2006, she returned and truly entered it in March of 2008, and quickly gleaned that she could produce better quality entertainment in that environment with the superior creation tools and more sophisticated audience.

But she showed it to me, and it was very cute, but I, as a mother, was coming from a position of I wanted to know what she was doing. So I made up an avatar, easy to do, in, I guess, November of 2002. Welcome to the grand opening of the dating casino….Get your Chips, high rollers stand in front, let the game begins. The world of dating and attracting women can be a lot like a casino. Probably because the place sports enough bimbos to be called “Skanks R’ us.’ And the lure is too great to resist for men. No, but this scene does favor certain types of guys.Then came the backlash, as self-identified "original" users bemoaned the influx of newbies and corporate brands, with some even engaging in acts of virtual terrorism.And then came the anticlimax: growth slowed dramatically, many newbies and marketers lost interest, and Second Life slipped from the headlines.