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I love that.” “I started off signed to Slip-n-Slide Records,” Trina detailed.

She’s another girl who’s feisty and fierce and doing her thing.

The rapper derived the stage name Plies from hometown Fort Myers that calls most money-making drug dealers by the slank.

He grew up in the small stateside of East Dunbar and as soon as graduating from Fort Myers High School in 1994, Plies pursued his passion in music.

Them My Buddies” “Don’t jump for your homeboys before you jump for her.

Don’t run through no motherf**king wall for your homeboys before you run through a wall for her,” Plies advised. If you got a woman, when it’s crunch time, fourth quarter and you know she ‘gon be there, do not put your homeboys before that woman.” READ T. Respectfully Corrects Funkmaster Flex On His Tupac Allegations There’s no details on what prompted Plies to deliver this word on relationships, and specifically speak to young men.

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Plies debuted in 2007 with The Real Testament with successful singles "Shawty" and "Hypnotized".

Next he will release a new single called 'Hypnotized' that receives the production of the unquestionable Akon and the singer slash producer's guest feature.

Plies was born Algernod Lanier Washington on July 1, 1976.

Algernod Lanier Washington (born July 1, 1976), better known by his stage name Plies, is an American hip hop recording artist. Born in Fort Myers, Florida, Washington was a wide receiver on the football team of Miami University in Ohio in 19 before he became a rapper.

After dropping out of college, he founded Big Gates with his stepbrother.