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VLANs are created using the set vlan command for COS devices or with the vlan command in vlan database mode for IOS switches.For Ethernet VLANs, you can also configure the standard parameters in Table 6-1.When a VLAN is created, you can also give it certain attributes such as a VLAN name, VLAN type, and its operational state. Extended VLANs are currently supported only on switches running COS software version 6.1 or greater.When you create a VLAN, you have many options to consider.VLANs are created on Layer 2 switches to control broadcasts and enforce the use of a Layer 3 device for communications.Each VLAN is created in the local switch's database for use.Will there be an update on either switch, will SW1 wait for a Server advertisement or will something else happen all together? A few hours have passed, and we have had over 50 comments , ideas and theories.

Unfortunately, there is no way to know what the vpt password is on a client switch ("sh vtp password" only works on the server switch).It only synchronizes the information from the VLAN database, not port information.Let’s create a private VLAN: SW1(config)#vlan 501 SW1(config-vlan)#private-vlan community SW1(config)#vlan 502 SW1(config-vlan)#private-vlan isolated SW1(config)#vlan 500 SW1(config-vlan)#private-vlan primary SW1(config-vlan)#private-vlan association add 501 SW1(config-vlan)#private-vlan association add 502 No problem, it has been synchronized to all switches. In the past you had to configure each switch seperately. Take a look below: SW1#show vtp status VTP Version capable : 1 to 3 VTP version running : 3 VTP Domain Name : NWL VTP Pruning Mode : Disabled VTP Traps Generation : Disabled Device ID : 0019.569d.5700 Feature VLAN: -------------- VTP Operating Mode : Primary Server Number of existing VLANs : 12 Number of existing extended VLANs : 1 Configuration Revision : 7 Primary ID : 0019.569d.5700 Primary Description : SW1 MD5 digest : 0x C9 0x25 0x B3 0x86 0x E7 0x A1 0x E3 0x AE 0x F8 0x2F 0x B9 0x7F 0x64 0x B3 0x43 0x5F The default “VLAN” feature is used for the things we did before…VLANs, extended range VLANs, private VLANs and RSPAN.Let’s see if we are able to synchronize some VLANs.We’ll start with something simple: No problem at all! VTP version 3 is able to synchronize private VLAN information.