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Wireless carriers — seeking to lure and retain the flood of customers expected to upgrade their smartphones over the next few weeks — are falling over each other to offer the best deal on the gadget before it hits store shelves on Sept. Sprint will give customers a free 16 GB i Phone 6 when they trade in any used i Phone “in good working condition” and sign a two-year service agreement. Thanks to the relentless wireless wars, consumers are being bombarded with offers to grab Apple’s newest i Phone 6 free of charge or at deeply discounted prices.Sgt Ferguson said the passport was examined by the Garda Technical Bureau and discovered to be a fake.Mr Jackson said Sonkeni was trying to get a free phone, but it was not the best thought-out plan.

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The company on Monday promised to top any trade-in offer from a competitor. 17, it will give to any customer who can find a better deal elsewhere.

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