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This is part of life and truthfully, you want someone that has been a little battle tested so you know that they’ll be able to handle life’s future adversity.We are not bulletproof or pristine and we need to remember that those that we date are not either.Reminding yourself of some key timing related rules of dating can serve you well young grasshopper.People Don’t Come In Ready Made Packages We are all a collection of awesome attributes and some not so awesome attributes.This dating site caters for jewish singles, asian singles, christian singles, black singles.Gay personals falls under the category men seeking men, and women seeking women.Our great conversation was followed by a plethora of text messages exchanging sarcasm, flirtation and food. Confused and irritated, the thought of giving up had crossed my mind.Anxious to see where this would go, found myself reaching out slightly more than usual. It would be so much easier to close the book and move onto something easy.

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In other words, everyone hates the uncomfortable pauses and usual questions: "So, where are you from? " If this is true, daters might need to mix it up a bit.It wouldn’t make sense for him to express interest and then fall off the face of the planet.Turns out, he had major deadlines coming up for work and needed time to fine tune his applications. Sometimes you’ll be able to share an entire Sunday together over endless cups of coffee.Accept rejection gracefully and don't take it personally.We all know deep down the kind of people that are likely to find us interesting and attractive. But most importantly, while waiting for that "right" person, do the exercise, join clubs, read books, or pursue the many other activities that will make someone want to know you.