Sara foster jordana brewster dating

Lucy and Amy’s Romeo/Juliet story of falling in love with the wrong person was delivered in a very different setting. You want the girl to get the girl in the end and you want both girls to stay alive.

They lie, cheat, steal and kill — and their target is Lucy Diamond. But it was so successful because not only was it funny, it was unconventional.

They had an extreme close-up of our tongues, and I'm telling you, the thing about the scene is that it's actually really sexy."I think there’s a lot of chemistry between the characters and all of us as actors and that’s where the steaminess comes from, because it’s not really explicit, I mean people kissing, and you even said by the rating, I mean nothing is like crazy about it, but it, you know because there’s such a chemistry between the characters and you’re really invested in them and it’s such a turn it’s like whoa, wait a minute, like I thought that this wasn’t going to work out but it’s seemingly, and even my character’s kind of surprised by it herself, it’s sort of, you know…Jane Krakowski, when she had to take her shirt off, made the whole crew shoot the scene with no shirts on, and also made the entire crew fake an orgasm before she had to. ” But after that, we made lots of different sex scenes.

Actresses Jordana Brewster and Sara Foster were so nervous about filming a saucy gay love scene in front of lesbian director Angela Robinson, they got drunk. S and THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS star Brewster admits they were terrified about performing their first lesbian love scene.

The actresses lock lips in Robinson's quirky new film D. She says, "We basically just tossed back a couple of wine coolers that I brought to the set to just calm down because we were both really nervous about it.

(Note that sexuality doesn’t matter much to these women, as they have much more pressing issues on their plates.)Stories about falling for the one person you shouldn’t always resonate with viewers, and is no different.

It’s a simple idea but explored in a new way, which is why so many people love Angela Robinson’s lesbian-themed spy flick.

Sara foster jordana brewster dating