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Edward Thomas, 41, of New York, was convicted of sex trafficking minors in Jan. Also known as “Fire,” Thomas reportedly used Facebook, Instagram, and text messages to communicate with minor victims and advertise them for sex work in Connecticut. Law enforcement blew up the image, zeroed in on the serial numbers on the cash, and were able to match the numbers to bills found on Edward Thomas, 41, also known as “Fire,” when he was arrested. “As with many crimes, the internet has made sex trafficking easier to commit and easier to investigate,” Daly said. more The picture displayed a young woman sprawled on a hospital bed. Posted on Instagram in October 2012, the photo helped seal the case against a New York man now serving a 17½ year sentence in federal prison for sex trafficking minors in Milford.Similarly, stating a preference, limitation, specification, or discrimination based on sex in the advertising of employment opportunities is permissible only where gender is a BFOQ.Such situations are rare, however, and employers should be cautious in relying on this rationale when making employment decisions that have a discriminatory effect. The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that an employee who had been fired after being accused of sexual harassment was entitled to proceed to a jury trial with his claim of sex discrimination ( 566 F.3d 307 (2d Cir. A female employee had filed a sexual harassment complaint against the employee.

Explains to employees how to avoid discrimination by race, gender, religion, age, disability, national origin and sexual preference."Preventing Discrimination in the Workplace Power Point® Kit This combination Power Point and booklet training kit is your out of the box training class to stamp out every type of discrimination in your workplace.

Read More Nicknamed "JAH-HC", this middle school academy promotes an arts integrated focus.

In addition to core subjects, scholars participate in extensive arts studies that include: instrumental and vocal music, visual arts, dance and theater.

Bowersox said from the recruitment side, social media applications are used to recruit young girls into sex work.

Traffickers patrol these sites and wait for youth to post messages that indicate a vulnerability - typically a post that indicates the youth is sad, needs help, or is angry with their parents.