Who is tumi voster dating

Ntaba Phili invites Top Billing into his beautiful home: This Thursday evening on Top Billing scientist, entrepreneur and self-made man, Ntaba Phili, takes us on a grand tour of his home in Kwa Zulu-Natal.Click here for details and images Top Billing gives you modern architecture from our very own Capital: This week Top Billing takes you on a grand tour of this vintage and industrial looking home in Tshwane.Click here for details and images DIY can-do couple, Ryno & Marita, take you inside their designer home: Top Billing takes you on a grand tour of a beautiful designer home in Cape Town and reveals handy DIY secrets!

3- Miss Romance This type of woman lives in a fantasy world of Lifetime Channel movies and romance novels. And when Somizi Mhlongo’s relationship went up in smoke after four years, he dumped his boyfriend.But grief nearly turned to tragedy when the broken-hearted Themba allegedly swallowed a whole bottle of pills to end the beating of his sad heart for evermore!The People’s Paper understands that Themba (24) was emotionally destroyed to learn that his gay lover’s passion for him had finally cooled. So he decided to bring his life to an abrupt halt by giving his system a huge dose of mixed pills.Sunday Sun insiders said Themba tried to commit suicide and die for love in Somizi’s penthouse, downtown Jozi.