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The Obninsk reactor used 5% enriched Uranium; this percentage would be lowered for subsequent reactors.For around 4 years, until the opening of the Siberian Nuclear Power Station, Obninsk remained the only nuclear power reactor in the Soviet Union; the power plant remained active until April 29, 2002 when it was finally shut down.Net site will provide you with this information, at the stage of application).If the information you provided on the migration card is different from what's written in your visa (especially, the inviting company's name), you might be questioned at the border. Is it possible to look through flowchart like STEP-7 online mode ("glasses" tool)? If you're online, look at the bottom left of your screen. If you look on the left of your screen, you'll see programs (such as "Faults", "Diagnostics" and such).I want to see what conditions are satisfied and what are not. The programs are written in ST (not ladder) and you may be able to pinpoint the faults through the code.

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Keep in mind that only one MCC can be "monitored" at a time.When setting up MCC type routines you have the option to "allow for Step control".If you do have that, you should be able to "step" through your chart, one step at a time and see what causes your faults or generated alarms and such.According to Lev Kotchetkov, who was there at the time: "Although utilisation of generated heat was going on, and production of isotopes was even enhanced, the main task was to carry out experimental studies on 17 test loops installed in the reactor."", Atom Mirny, Russian for "Atoms for Peace"), had a total electrical capacity of 6 MW and a net capacity of around 5 MWe. It was a prototype design using a graphite moderator and water coolant.This reactor was a forerunner of the RBMK reactors.