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Early 18th century Woods used: Walnut, also, cherry, mahogany, maple and oak.Description: Graceful curves, curved (cabriole) leg, with no rungs or stretchers; minimal decoration, very simple; scallop-shell mount.John Widdicomb is not a designer but a manufacturing company with a long tradition of crafting some of the biggest names in furniture: T. In a disposable world nothing feels more solid than a steadfast and true vintage bed, used dresser or coffee table. Budding and veteran design mavens alike need to know the John Widdicomb mark.Edmund Rosenstengel was born in what was then the small town of Toowoomba, on the edge of the rich pastures of the Darling Downs of Queensland in February 1887.Despite many sources reporting Ed’s father as a cabinetmaker, he was actually an upholsterer who migrated to Australia from the Westphalian region of Germany in 1867, later establishing the very successful furniture manufactory “Rosenstengel & Kleimeyer” in Toowoomba.Early Georgian furniture is based on Queen Anne; later styles show classic influence.

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Facing the sack from his seventh employer, Ed demonstrated the steely commitment and business acumen that would later become his hallmark.

Davenport Bed Makers of America David Newman & Sons Davis Furniture Corp., The Davis Mfg.

©2006 Publications International Chair and table legs exhibit many of the features that distinguish furniture styles; the leg is usually a good indicator of type.

Bockstege Furniture Co., The Bogardus-Mc Danell Furniture Co.

Brandt's Cabinet Works, The Breslin Textile Mills Brickwede Brothers Co.